The School has a well maintained Hostel consisting of 50 rooms. The hostel facility is available to both boys and girls provided they have secured admission in the school. There is a separate sections for girls and boys. The hostel is headed my experienced warden. The food quality provided in the hostel is of superior quality. The cleanliness of hostel is our priority. Every room is shared by two students probably by the student of the same class. Discipline in the hostel is must.


Guide Line for Hostel


  • The parents are allowed to meet their ward on 2nd & 4th Sunday only during 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • ¬†Parents are not allowed to enter in the dormitories. They are restricted upto the reception areas.
  • They can use telephone facility to talk to their ward during stipulated hours only as mentioned below.
  • Saturday & Sunday 12PM to 4PM and 8:50PM to 9:00PM
  • Wednesday 8 PM to 9 PM
  • In emergency at any time
  • School has already prescribed a list of items for the students prior to go to hostels. Parents are required to complete the items well in advance as students will not be allowed to enter in the hostel with having complete items mentioned in the list.
  • Parents cannot supply eatable in the hostel.
  • Parents must ensure that they have completed all the officials formalities before taking their ward and handing over again to the school hostel.
  • Parents can ensure the performance of their ward by attending PTMs and by meeting with Hostel Incharge.